Lego Brawls Brings Its Minifigure Fighters to PC, Consoles Later This Summer

Bandai Namco announced today that Lego Brawls will finally be making the jump from mobile to PC and consoles in late summer this year. There don’t seem to be many major differences between the original Apple Arcade version of the game and the one coming to major platforms, but it still may be worth checking out nonetheless since it’s basically a Lego take on Super Smash Bros.

The most significant addition Lego Brawls makes to the platform fighting formula is the ability to make one’s own minifigure brawler. Players can unlock an impressive amount of options with which to craft their fighter, including: weapons, outfits, powerups and loadouts. Weapons alone can range from baguettes to rocket fists, so there should be plenty here to play around with.

Multiplayer is also shaping up to be fairly robust. Players on Xbox and Switch systems can enjoy Lego Brawlers locally with up to eight players while PlayStation users can do so with up to four. As for online, matches can be had with eight players, and co-op can be done with up to four regardless of one’s chosen system. All of this can be done with one’s choice of several Lego themes. Have a look at it all below in the original announcement trailer.