LEGO Dimensions to Feature 14 Unique Levels from Different IP

Warner Bros. has released a batch of new screenshots showcasing the many different worlds players will explore in LEGO Dimensions. There are a total of 14 levels in LEGO Dimensions, and you’ll be able to explore nearly all of them without having to purchase any additional Level Packs.

LEGO Dimensions takes place across a menagerie of different IP. The Starter Pack comes with Gandalf, Batman, and Wyldstyle who are the main characters of LEGO Dimensions. Their travels take them to Oz, Metropolis, Middle-Earth, Springfield, and Ninjago among others. Their ultimate goal is to save the LEGO Multiverse.

LEGO Dimensions launches September 27 on PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360. The Starter Pack costs $100 and comes with the three aforementioned characters, the Batmobile, the LEGO Portal, and a copy of the game. Players can also pick up Level Packs ($30), Team Packs ($25), and Fun Packs ($15) when the game launches.