Let’s Get Ready to Rumble After Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling Announced

The Pocket Company today announced the next installment in the Chiki-Chiki series, Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling, along with an official release date.

The title will arrive on the Nintendo Switch eShop on June 27 and will have a pre-launch discount in place.

According to the Pocket Company, the ten percent discount will start from today and the title will retail at $13.49 (€13.49).

Following on from its launch, the title will be priced at its retail value of $14.99.

The retro-looking Boxy Pro Wrestling has players competing in a beginner tournament, eventually climbing the ladder to more difficult tournaments that comprise of four stages each.

Players won’t be fighting in the typical wrestling venues, as rings are placed in locations such as a grassy meadow, on an iceberg and in a volcano.

When it comes to fighting in a volcano, for example, magma will be flowing around the ring and even into it.

Just like the volcano, the other locations will come with environmental features.

Boxy Pro Wrestling can also be played in co-op, local versus and online multiplayer, while players are able to compete in singles matches, tag team matches and battle royals.

Players will be able to fully customize their own wrestlers with the prize money they earn from competing in a tournament.

Aside from the ability to change a wrestler’s hairstyle, facial features and outfits, players are able to pick their different attributes and decide on their moveset.

The first title in the Chiki-Chiki series, Boxy Racers, was released last year for Switch.

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