Life Is Strange 2 Co-Director Claims Players Missed ‘Small Detail’ in Episode 4

Michel Koch said that he is “disappointed” that Life Is Strange 2 players might have overlooked a “small detail” in Episode 4: Faith.

The Life Is Strange 2 co-director and art director took to Twitter to tease fans about a detail that they might have missed in the penultimate episode.

Koch followed up his initial tweet with subsequent hints about what the small detail might be, saying players don’t need “freecam mod or you don’t need to search weird places [to find it].”

The Dontnod Entertainment developer, who said he was heading off on holiday, dropped a final clue that said the detail “isn’t in a cutscene” and “it involves reading and making some connections.”

He tweeted: “I’m disappointed, there is a small detail in #LifeIsStrange2 ep4 that I think everybody missed…

“I won’t confirm or deny anything but it’s really cool to see you all searching and speculating, thanks! ^^

“I’ll just say that you don’t need to use a freecam mod or you don’t need to search weird places…

“Since I’m leaving on holiday tomorrow and won’t be able to read twitter for a while, I’ll say one last thing: it isn’t in a cutscene, it involves reading and making some connections…”

When a Twitter user asked Koch if he could tell them what it was, he responded: “Well it won’t be an [sic] hidden thing anymore if I do that…

“It’s just something that usually you are checking out to find if it has any meaning (and sometimes it does ^^). Can’t really say more, sorry.”

While the Life Is Strange 2 co-director admitted that he can’t be sure everybody missed it, he is adamant that no-one has found it as he “never saw any theory about it.”

Life Is Strange 2 first launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with the release of Episode 1: Roads in September 2018.

Square Enix announced this month that two versions of the episodic adventure title — Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition — would be coming to console and PC.

Episode 4: Faith was released in August, with the fifth and final episode expected to launch on December 3.

Hardcore Gamer’s review for the penultimate episode found that Life Is Strange 2 “took full advantage of the conclusion for Episode 3: Wastelands with a story that fully fleshes out Sean’s character and his relationship with Daniel.”

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