Likkrit Gets Banned for 6 Months, Promptly Retires

Former League of Legends player Cyril “Likkrit” Malfeev has been suspended by the Russian Office for League of Legends for six months.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Likkrit was a major part of the Albus Nox Luna team that placed eighth at the 2016 World Championships. It was the start of the Wild Card regions coming in strong to the major tournaments and now we see teams like that more often.

Likkrit was banned for comments deemed detrimental to Riot Games, the LOL Community and the Continental League. The comments in question can be found here. TL,DR: Likkrit believes that playing professionally in Russia isn’t worth it. Good players need to leave the region and the conditions that players were in weren’t great. They often didn’t get paid and everything was just handled poorly.

So in retaliation to being banned for 6 months and likely no major opportunities outside of the LCL, Likkrit has decided to call it quits.