Limited Run Games Re-Announces Saturday Morning RPG Release Plans

Sometimes things don’t go according to plans, and sometimes that’s a good thing.  In the case of Limited Run Games, the plan had been to release the second game staggered over two months as a pre-order, one month for Vita and the next for PS4.  Then an unexpected and overwhelming success happened with Breach & Clear and plans got reconfigured, with the pre-order idea getting trashed and, announced today and almost as nice, both versions getting launched for sale in the same month.  Admitted, there’s been a bit of a delay to January 29, but selling copies in hand to ship out as quick as possible makes the wait much more reasonable.  There have also been some adjustments to how ordering works to ensure a more fair distribution of a limited resource.

Breach & Clear was expected to have stock available for a week or so, rather than the small handful of hours it lasted.  There were no limits on ordering and, initially, all stock was put on sale at once aside from a small percentage set aside just in case things went better than planned, to sell later in the day so people in different time zones would get a crack at it.  Saturday Morning RPG is following the same plan, except now it’s limited to two copies per person.  There will be 990 PS4 copies and 2500 for the Vita, divided in half between 10AM and 6PM sales time EST, and 100 copies of each version is selling with a physical soundtrack CD for $39.99 instead of the standard $24.99.

Saturday Morning RPG is the second game from parent company Mighty Rabbit, and from here on in Limited Run will be releasing other developers’ titles.  Cosmic Star Heroine is the third game, although how quickly it follows is still unannounced, and after that it’s a mystery.  There are dozens of games I’d love to see get a disc release, though, and hopefully they’ll all get their chance to sit on people’s shelves instead of just their hard drives.