Lince Works’ Stylized Stealth Title Aragami is Getting A Sequel

Well this is a nice little reveal; announced late yesterday at this year’s Gamescom, Barcelona-based Lince Works’ 2016 stealth-action game Aragami, is getting itself a sequel. The less-surprisingly named Aragami 2, takes place a hundred years after the events of the first game. As the below trailer conveys, the sequel looks to be gravitating more towards combat encounters as well as the option to play through the campaign with up to two other players in what is being billed as an entirely drop-in/drop-out form of co-op.

Though the original game was not without its flaws in the technical department, Aragami’s sharp visual design, traditional focus on stealth — which incorporated a unique shadow-manipulation mechanic — as well as a minimal interface on top, granted Lince Works a satisfying-enough release that was as much challenging as it was striking. Aragami 2 is set to launch in early 2021 across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.