Liquid Move Adrian to Starting Roster

After acquiring him the week before Liquid have decided to move Adrian to the starting roster.

Last week there was a pretty big shakeup in the NA LCS. Doublelift came back from his split off early, Adrian moved from Phoenix1 to Liquid and Stunt was moved from Dignitas to P1. After announcing that he would be leaving he said that he would work alongside Matt to help turn the team’s split around in hopes of not being relegated. While he didn’t outright say he wasn’t playing anymore, not immediately starting the league’s best Support seemed like an odd move.

Well it seems like it even after beating EnVy that wasn’t enough to secure Matt the starting role to finish out the split. You can check out the video of the announcement below, but there isn’t much in there in the way of information. Adrian just wants to make Doublelift great again.