Little Devil Inside Finally Resurfaces For The PS5 Reveal

Well, here’s a name we haven’t seen in quite a while. Little Devil Inside is a 3D action-adventure RPG from Seoul-based developers Neostream that’s been in development for over five years, making an impact way back in April 2015 with a successful Kickstarter campaign. In fact, to illustrate just how long its been, one of the stretch goals for said campaign was “Wii U support.” The devs have been making regular updates through Kickstarter, though, but nothing truly significant has popped up over the past few years. Until the PS5 reveal event today, that is, where it returned with a bit of a vengeance.

The showcase trailer below not only provides glimpses of the game’s impressive graphics and art style, but also shows off some of the various landscapes, combat, unique creature designs, and even some humorous bits involving our hero’s butler(?), perfectly creating a quirky tone. And we still have bits of gameplay like survival elements to get to. Alas, there’s still no release window, but now we know that Little Devil Inside will be a PS5 console exclusive when it comes out, hitting the PC as well.