Little Nightmares Coming to Stadia As Game Reaches Two Million Copies Sold

Swedish developer Tarsier Studios’ first non-PlayStation exclusive, in the form of 2017’s Little Nightmares, very quickly gained a following of fans when it was released — later releasing for the Nintendo Switch a year later — and today, it’s been announced that the game will also be making its way to Stadia starting June 1. The standard edition of the game minus the three DLC episodes, will be made available for free to Stadia Pro members, while the game’s Complete Edition which comes with all DLC, will be available for purchase to non-Pro users. But perhaps the more prominent news is that that initial buzz and intrigue has been converted into a notable milestone, with the game having now passed two million copies sold since original release.

Whether it was in preview beforehand or in review, Little Nightmares’ unsettling, exaggerated, stop-motion-inspired art-style and horror leanings eventually wound into a delightful puzzle-platformer. The kind of smaller-scale title you seldom find gracing the portfolio of Bandai Namco, but a welcome entry nonetheless. Fans of the first game, of course have a sequel to look forward to, having previously been announced at last year’s Gamescom, though sadly there’s no new news on Little Nightmares II or update to its still-planned release sometime this year.