Little Nightmares for Switch Has Had to Make Some Sacrifices on Performance

We’ve always known that the Nintendo Switch isn’t exactly a powerhouse or at least trying to compete with the visual/graphical fidelity of PS4 or Xbox One. The base PS4 and Xbox One that is. But needless to say, no matter what game it is, it’s still unfortunate to remind ourselves of the limitations underpinning Nintendo’s trustee hybrid-console. And this comes in the form of Tarsier Studio’s Little Nightmares which is soon to release on the platform — May 18 to be exact.

Bandai Namco have revealed the target performance for the Switch iteration of Tarsier’s acclaimed, gloomy and unsettling puzzle-platformer set within The Maw and if you were hoping for a true, native HD experience, you might well be left disappointed. The publisher has confirmed that Little Nightmares is targeting 720p/30FPS while the console is docked, with the Handheld mode offering an upscaled 720p resolution. The Complete Edition comes with The Secret of the Maw expansion pass as well as all additional cosmetics. This edition is already available across PS4, Xbox One & PC.

That said, games having a lower resolution/frame-rate on Switch is nothing new and isn’t necessarily a death sentence for games re-releasing on the platform. DOOM, despite its obvious blemishes and sacrifices in the visual department, still turned out to be an enjoyable port of the beloved 2016 shooter. But on the other hand, one of Bandai Namco’s other titles, Dark Souls Remastered, was recently delayed on Nintendo’s platform, so could this be a growing precedent for Switch’s hardware limitations at present?