Little Nightmares II Announced

Over two years ago, Bandai Namco and developers Tarsier Studios gave us the effectively creepy and fun atmospheric platformer Little Nightmares. It’s become quite the success since then, selling over a million copies and racking up a high amount of praise. So when you think about it, a sequel shouldn’t be a surprise, but surprise us it did when a trailer for Little Nightmares II appeared during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live event. You can check out said trailer below, which is still as unsettling as the original.

Moving away from the horrific ship of the first to an equally horrific setting on land, one big addition is that of a new character, Mono, accompanying Six from the original game. Given how the first game ends, one has to wonder how Six’s story continues, but regardless, it won’t be pretty. More grotesque adult creates are back again, including stern teachers, hooded men, and odd zombie-like folk. And there there surreal bits like hanging beds and severed hands. Oh, and combat, which plays a part in the game now. Little Nightmares II will be out for all major platforms in 2020, so be prepared.