Live Like an Ape Man with Gorilla Tag Launch Trailer

Legs are useful and good, but when it comes to pure versatility nothing beats a nice pair of arms.  They’re connected at the shoulders, right near the head, and have hands on the other end that can do anything from beating on your chest to peeling a banana.  Get the arms working right and everything else follows, although it helps to have both the reach and upper-body strength of a gorilla to back it up.  Gorilla Tag is a multiplayer VR playground where simians pull themselves through the environment running from or chasing after their monke (that’s how it’s spelled) companions, every bit as much a social sandbox as it is a game.  It started out as a one-developer project and, through sheer word of mouth, grew into an incredibly popular Meta Quest title despite not being officially released on its storefront.  It helps that the game had been free on Steam in Early Access, but that kind of thing usually results in lots of positive Steam comments rather than an App Lab game overtaking Beat Saber for the number of player reviews.

The release of Gorilla Tag on the official Meta Quest storefront brings with it the same simple-but-deep gameplay of the App Lab version but with new goodies included.  A new level brings the total count to six, and unspecified new platforming mechanics should provide more mobility options.  The entire game is played with only hand motions, no sticks or buttons needed, and you push away from a surface to jump and squeeze both hands together to hold on.  The trick is to master momentum, pushing from surfaces to control speed and trajectory to tear across the level with far more grace than just slapping the ground or branches with your hands would seem to allow.

Gorilla Tag remains free on the Meta Quest store, while the still-in-Early-Access Steam version is a well-deserved $19.99, primarily to stop people from making fake accounts after being banned for cheating.  Its release comes with a launch trailer to show off how everything works-

Oh whoops, wrong trailer.  Let’s try that again-