Living the Rustic Life in a Giant Mech in Lightyear Frontier Gameplay Trailer

Somewhere out there in the vast expanse of the universe is a world where one can finally get away from it all, living a peaceful life working the land.  It’s true that farming is back-breaking labor, starting from just before sunup and ending well past sundown, but it’s honest work done with your own two hands.  Or your giant transforming tank-mech’s two multi-tool appendages, which is pretty much the same thing.  It’s amazing how much simpler life can be when you’ve got advanced tech to make it that way, which also helps thanks to  the farming-fantasy genre only really working if there’s some serious cheating involved.  Lightyear Frontier sets you in the command seat of a versatile tractor-mech, free to manage the farm, build up the homestead, and explore a whole new world to uncover its secrets.

While Lightyear Frontier was revealed a bit over a month ago the new trailer takes a closer look at the farming and exploration gameplay.  It’s a familiar cycle- Land on the planet, set up the farm, grow crops, buy upgrades, explore your new home.  Exploration leads to information about the world, not only it’s secrets but also new crops and the information on how to grow them successfully.  The workload can also be broken up thanks to multiplayer, with up to four people running around tending to chores and expanding the farm.  It’s a new world and a good life, and made all the better by experiencing it with the help of an advanced farming mech.

Lightyear Frontier is due to hit Early Access some time in Spring 2023, but for now here’s the new trailer to give a nice overview of what’s ahead.