Lo Wang Returns For Shadow Warrior 3

Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital haven’t exactly kept it a secret that Shadow Warrior 3 is on its way, with the series’ official Twitter account sharing several pics over the weekend from what appeared to be an upcoming sequel. Heck, one of them even just explicitly stated that a teaser trailer was being made. So it should be no shock that said teaser made its debut today. But shock or no shock, many were just happy to see the revival of the classic FPS was back yet again.

The teaser itself features series protagonist Lo Wang going full meta, discussing the reveal trailer with his agent, and throwing in some self-depreciation concerning the developers and Devolver. We get to see some impressive graphics as well, plus our first look at a new grappling hook mechanic and some free running, all complimented by the franchise’s trademark sense of humor, as well as a spectacular chunk of over-the-top violence thanks to Lo Wang and some demonic forces. No gameplay yet, though, as that’s being saved for a reveal at the Devolver Direct on July 11. Expect platforms to be announced then as well, which Shadow Warrior 3 will land on in 2021.