Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld Coming October 17

There have been rumors of Logitech launching a gaming handheld and leaks made it clear that was coming soon – and not only is the device announced now, but it’s coming out pretty soon to boot. The Logi Play event gave the company a chance to unleash the G Cloud Handheld – a sharp-looking white and neon yellow device with a full 1080p 7 inch screen. It runs Android – so beyond cloud gaming, you can use it to play native Android games – and with so many having built-in controller support now, this looks to be the ultimate way to play Android games.

Having this marketed as a cloud-first device is interesting and shows just how far along we have come in the past 15 years when it comes to game streaming. Microsoft has launched a storefront page for it and is offering a $50 discount for pre-orders to match Logitech doing the same on their page. Pre-orders allow you to get the device for $299.99, while the regular price will be $349.99 when it launches on October 17.