Logitech Now Offers Highest Gaming DPI Sensor with HERO 25K

Logitech is upping its 16K HERO sensor for gaming mice to the world’s first sub-micron mouse level to showcase performance. The 25K HERO sensor will be the highest DPI sensor in the gaming industry. This score is determined by accuracy, maximum speed, smoothing and ripple. The HERO sensor uses a continuous frame rate and a tight voltage control system to allow for extreme accuracy and precision. The HERO 25K will not compromise accuracy with smoothing, motion or parasitic counts. This sensor is also ten times more power efficient than previous Logitech sensors.

Available today, here are current mice that will allow a free update to enable the HERO 25K:

  • G903 HERO
  • PRO Wireless
  • G703 HERO
  • G604
  • G502 HERO
  • G403 HERO
  • PRO