Long Awaited MMORPG ‘Lost Ark’ Now Available

Released a few years ago in Korea, the isometric MMORPG, Lost Ark, is now available to North America and Europe. Tripod Studio and Smilegate’s Diablo-esque adventure was picked up by Amazon Games, and has quickly become one of the most anticipated games over the last year. Although Amazon has somewhat struggled with its first MMO, New World, this looks to offer far more, having upwards of three years worth of content already at our fingertips – although we unfortunately don’t get the Summoner class at launch.

To celebrate its release, Amazon has released a launch trailer for Lost Ark, hopefully getting players excited to dive into the extensively online cinematic experience. We have been playing it for the last couple of days as those who own one of the many founder’s packs received early access a few days ago, and so far it has been a blast, even though it seems like it comes with a lot of Korean free-to-play hooks in the end game. While the founder’s pack is no more, there are now Starter Packs with various options.

Regardless, Lost Ark is available right now for PC players at no cost.