‘Lord of the Hunt’ DLC for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Detailed

Warner Bros. and Monolith Productions have released new details for the ‘Lord of the Hunt’ DLC for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

This single player add-on focuses on Torvin the Dwarf Hunter who teams up with Talion to defeat a new brand of evil in Middle-Earth; the Beastmaster Warchiefs. This new brand of Warchief enter battle atop Caragors, the Wretched Graug, or can lead a pack of Ghuls. This new addition to the enemy roster will change the way you play as you invent new strategies to take down these powerful Warchiefs.

Here’s a breakdown of all the new content you’re getting:

  • New Story & Lore — Discover more tales from Torvin, the Dwarven Hunter, as you work together to tame the beasts of Mordor and fight Sauron’s minions.
  • New Missions & Challenges — New Beast Hunting challenges and collectibles open up new trophies and achievements.
  • New Nemeses — Face off against the Beastmaster Warchiefs, powerful new Uruks who have the ability to ride monsters and engage in perilous mounted combat.
  • New Monsters — Ride into battle on the Wretched Graug to vomit toxin at your foes, stalk your enemies on the predatory Caragath and attack from the shadows or raise an all-consuming Ghul Horde.
  • New Epic Runes — Make your Mount unstoppable with five new epic Runes that make you the ultimate hunter.
  • Test of the Wild — Test your skills against the Beastmasters and mount your trophies on the leaderboard.
  • New Character Skin — Lord of the Hunt skin transform Talion into the ultimate Beastmaster.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – ‘Lord of the Hunt’ does not have a release date or price just yet. However, it is included as part of the $25 Season Pass.