Lost Judgement Picks Up The Kaito Files March 28

A different member of the Yagami Detective Agency will soon be stepping into the spotlight, giving Yagami what is surely a much-needed break. It’ll be Masaharu Kaito taking the lead in The Kaito Files DLC when it drops on March 28. In this four chapter story addition, players will follow Kaito as he searches for a former girlfriend by the name of Mikiko. Along the way, he’ll meet a boy claiming to be his son and learn of Mikiko’s possible connection to a dangerous crime sybdicate.

As the story unfolds, players can make use of Kaito’s unique skill set, including two new fighting styles and his “Primal Focus”-style of detection. As is to be expected of this sort of DLC, The Kaito Files also bring in new collectibles to find and new bosses to fight. The expansion will be selling for $29.99 at launch, both those who own either the season pass or the ultimate edition of the game will get it at no additional cost.