LoveKami –Useless Goddess– Original Soundtrack Releasing on Steam

Fans of LoveKami –Useless Goddess– who could not get enough of the game’s music are in luck since MoeNovel is releasing the original soundtrack through Steam on July 31. This ten track digital album will cost $3.99 but will be discounted to $3.59 during the launch sale. Combining romance and comedy, LoveKami -Useless Goddess- is the latest game from the creators of LoveKami –Divinity Stage– and If My Heart Had Wings. LoveKami –Useless Goddess– takes place in the same world as LoveKami –Divinity Stage– but moves away from the idol world in Akihabara and follows the story of an Aragami, a naughty goddess who is up to no good and causing all kinds of trouble for people in a small town area of Tokyo. There have been several game soundtracks I have purchased over the years and many other games I wish had soundtracks available, so this is a joyous occasion for fans of LoveKami –Useless Goddess– who can now relive the game at any time with through its music.

Track List

01 A Goddess’ Day
02 Passing Scenery
03 Step by Step
04 Walking Under the Blue Sky
05 What Are You Gonna Do?
06 Frustration
07 That’s How It Is
08 Emotions
09 Without Words
10 Rainbow Story