Luigi’s Mansion 3 Shows Off New Levels, ScreamPark Mode

Well, with the ever-appropriate Halloween release date for Luigi’s Mansion 3 getting closer and closer, more details about it are ready to pop up. The Nintendo Direct presentation earlier today, in particular, decided to focus on new levels that players will explore. Apparently every level of the haunted hotel Luigi is clearing out has a different theme, and the clip seen below shows off a few of them. Each one has it’s own unique style, enemies, and hazards, from the Egyptian-themed Tomb Suites to the disco-themed Dance Hall and the pirate-themed Spectral Catch restaurant (complete with a ghost shark for a boss).

The presentation also showed off the new ScreamPark muliplayer mode. In it, up to eight players compete on separate teams in a variety of contests, ranging from the usual catching of ghosts to collecting coins while inner tubing and hitting moving targets. Only one Switch console is needed for this mode as well, so ScreamPark is clearly aiming for the couch multiplayer crowd. Luigi’s Mansion 3 comes out for the Switch on October 31, and should hopefully have strong enough amount of variety to keep us playing for a while.

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