Madden NFL 20 Adds Free Game Mode

EA Tiburon continues to add content after the launch of Madden NFL 20. The latest addition comes in the form of a new game mode called Superstar KO. This fast-paced, eliminator game mode pits the best of former mode Draft Champions and allows players to go through a gauntlet of games. Stadiums, teams and environments are all new as the games can range from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Players will choose a base team that each have a personality of their own and are coached by big name NFL coaches, players or even celebrities. Once the base team is selected, you will have the choice to select a Superstar X-Factor, a Legend or an Icon. The X-Factor players are from the league today, while Legends will periodically pop up to draft. Icons tend to be NFL superfans and don’t pop up much at all. Each players also has a rarity level depending on what you pull. This is Madden’s take on a battle royale mode. The update is live now and you can read more details from the developers here.