Mahjong Deluxe Now Available on Steam

Mahjong Deluxe has been available on mobile devices for a long time – but now the highly-regarded solitaire mahjong title is available for PC via Steam. Veterans of the old Shanghai games from the ’90s, which hit consoles like the Genesis and SNES, with the Triple Threat being released on 32-bit platforms, will be familiar with this style of game. It was also huge in the mid-’90s PC scene and as we’ve seen, what’s old is new again.

In the case of Mahjon Deluxe, players have 504 different layouts to enjoy and each play session will feature a different tile order so you never play the same game twice. There are eight different backgrounds to choose from, including Christmas and barnyard – which are definitely a bit different for a game of this type. Thanks to a 10% launch discount on Steam, it’s only $2.69 – so if you have any desire to play a solo mahjong game, it’s a great value.