Major Dual RPG Kickstarter Launched for Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood

The history of RPGs is littered with fondly remembered series, from Lufia to Lunar, Breath of Fire, Soulblazer-Illusion of Gaia-Terranigma, Suikoden, and many more.  The western-RPG Wild Arms was a favorite in the PS1 days while Shadow Hearts worked the historical horror-RPG on PS2, and as different as they were both got lost to gaming history’s past.  While the names are retired the people who made the games aren’t, and they’ve teamed up to make the first double-Kickstarter for thematic sequels to their series.  Armed Fantasia isn’t Wild Arms and Penny Blood isn’t Shadow Hearts, and neither game is much like the other, but both are throwbacks to turn-based RPG series that have more than enough support to earn their existence.

On the one hand a double-Kickstarter can be confusing, but on the other it’s hit the funding goal before the first day is up so there’s no real need to get bogged down in the details.  The two games are being funded under a single campaign, with a reward structure letting you choose one, the other, or both, and while the question of “What happens if one reaches its minimum and the other doesn’t?” is left unanswered at this point it doesn’t matter any more seeing as both games are well past the needed minimum.  The campaign is clear up front, albeit almost at the bottom of the campaign page, that the Kickstarter isn’t for the full game but rather initial funding for proof-of-concept and to offer solid financial evidence to publishers that there’s fan interest in both games, and at this point it looks like those goals should be no issue.  What this allows the games to grow into is still up in the air, of course, but that’s true of every Kickstarter in the funding platform’s history.  With a little bit of luck and a couple years worth of development focus, though, what we should get is at least one final chapter in a pair of unique RPGs that have been gone for far too long.