Mandatory PSP Firmware 6.61 Released Today, First in Three Years

If there’s one thing that we don’t expect happening, it’s firmware for consoles no longer in production. After all, now that the first truly online consoles are starting to become *takes a shot of bourbon* collector’s items *shudders* it all seems a bit wrong. We don’t expect to turn a Neo Geo Pocket Color on after three years and find an update for it, so doing so with the PSP feels just as wrong. But that’s exactly what has happened today as Sony has released a new firmware update. Dubbed 6.61, it’s the first firmware in over three years (6.60 was released on August 10, 2011) and it has to be downloaded to use online features on the handheld, including PS Store.

No word on exactly what the update does. It is, perhaps, worth noting that a PSP game was released today, but it’s unclear whether or not that would spur a firmware update.

We’ll follow the story and update with any new information.