March Release Date Revealed For Ghostwire: Tokyo, Deep Dive Featured

Well, after suffering a delay last year, Bethesda and Tango Gameworks’ much-anticipated action-adventure game Ghostwire: Tokyo has a March release date finally announced for it. But even with the game now less than two months away, a lot of it still feels like a mystery. Well, thankfully the news of a release date also came with a “Deep Dive” video showcasing the game’s story and gameplay, which you can check out below.

Set in modern-day Tokyo, as the name suggests, Ghostwire sees a mysterious incident occur where nearly all of the city’s inhabitants vanish, with a bunch of various monsters, demons, and supernatural entities emerging in their place. You play as one of the few survivors, Akido, now finding themselves possessed by a mysterious spirit and in possession of elemental powers. This includes Ethereal Weaving, an art that allows you to utilize several different abilities that come in handy when it comes to taking down your otherworldly foes (not that other weapons you find won’t help as well), and Tengu skills, which make allow for quicker ways of getting around, which comes in handy when it comes to avoiding deadlier areas before you can cleanse them.

After a look at some areas while time and space are warped in a rather eye-catching manner, we then get to see some gameplay. It starts out with a little stealth action before being reunited with our mysterious spirit friend, then transitions into some combat showcasing supercharged attacks and an ability that lets you pretty much literally string your enemies together for a finishing move. After that, we see some grappling action used to get to necessary areas, and then a more detailed combat showcase, giving players a look at a variety of powers and tools being used in quick succession as Akido travels around Tokyo. We’ll have a deeper look at Ghostwire: Tokyo soon, and stay tuned for even more details between now and March 25, when the game comes out for PS5 and PC.

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