Mario vs. Donkey Kong Remake Coming Next Year

The legendary GBA Mario vs. Donkey Kong series was rooted in the puzzle-platforming of the original Donkey Kong games while adding a lot more puzzling to the mix. Logic puzzles were the name of the game there and the series began on the GBA and continued on to the DS and then 3DS as well. The original GBA classic hasn’t received a ton of love since tis original release, but used a simple idea of gathering a key alongside small Mario figurines as a way to bring more original Donkey Kong-style action to the world.

The remake keeps the same gameplay as the original GBA game and uses a full 3D art style for it  – similar to what we’re seeing with Super Mario RPG’s remake. The art style really works nicely for this gameplay style and makes the gameplay come alive in ways that weren’t possible before. Colors are a bit bolder and the usage of CG cinematics helps drive the story home a bit more instead of the tiny cinematics in the GBA original. Mario vs. Donkey Kong hits the Switch on February 16, 2024.

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