Mark Cerny: No Dualshock 4 Elite Controller in the Works

PS4 and PS4 Pro Chief Architect Mark Cerny has shot down any chance of a DualShock 4 Elite Controller.

Xbox One and PC owners have gotten to bask in the glory of the Xbox One Elite Controller. The highly moddable controller allows players to customize it with parts that fit their playstyle, and also adds in some extra features the standard controller does not have. Since the reveal of that controller, PS4 players have been asking Sony to release their own elite controller. Well Sony have finally answered, and the answer is no.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Verge, Mark Cerny shot down any chance of it happening. According to him, Sony doesn’t want to further fragment the PS4 user base.

“We want to keep PlayStation 4 as a single unified audience,” he said. “We need to be quite careful to the enhancements we add to the controller. But it’s not the sort of thing that’s going to create have’s and have nots.”

It’s pretty disappointing, especially considering how few upgrades the “new” Dualshock 4 comes with. Also in the interview, Cerny reiterated that the PS4 Pro will be 2.28 times more powerful than the base model, there is no 4K Blu Ray drive because streaming is the future, and that users shouldn’t expect a 2TB PS4 Pro in the near future. We highly suggest you check the interview out.

PS4 Pro is out November 10 for $399. The updated Dualshock 4 is available for purchase now.