Mars Power Industries Lighting Up Switch with Launch Trailer

Engineering the power supply should be pretty simple.  Start at source, run lines to buildings, done.  At least that’s how it works on Earth, but Mars just has to be difficult thanks to its power redirection units only sending the juice in a specific set of patterns.  Mars Power Supply is a lovely little puzzle game about placing the right tool in the right spot to energize a system of habitats, with the slight problem that the tools are dispensed one at a time in a specific order.  Blue gems give electricity, purple splotches indicate an oil-like substance, and the power diverters can only be placed on a spot that will allow it to spread the energy farther.  The trick is to look at what’s coming and figure out where everything is going to go, but a wrong set of moves is easily recalled to try again.  And then there’s the extra strawberries, monoliths that open portals to bonus levels, spots that alternate between power and spikes, and other tricks and temptations to make completing the levels take a little more thought than it might otherwise need.

Mars Power Supply had been out for a while on PC but recently got a nice update that more than doubled the number of levels while smoothing out the progression.  This version is coming to the Switch on November 15, but if you’re feeling impatient it’s under $3.00 on Steam right now.  Take a look at the trailer below and see if it persuades you to dump a little pocket change to energize the colonies of Mars.