Martian Military Action: RTS/FPS Hybrid BIONITE: Mars Kickstarter Launches

Remember Activision’s 1998 RTS/FPS hybrid Battlezone? Yeah, the one with the tanks and bio-metal. Well, a team comprised entirely of volunteers are just about done with the second installment of its spiritual successor, BIONITE: Mars.

After a very successful campaign for the first game, BIONITE: Origins (143% funded), the team at Platoon Studios is back and aiming to bring the “pinnacle of game development and what can be achieved” in the form of skill-based vehicle warfare.

Players can pilot one of seven hovering vehicle classes, from heavy tanks to mortar bikes, in their quest for control of Venus’ BIONITE supply. This exotic element is of critical importance to a number of industries, and entirely controlled by Ingram-Miller Incorporated. As Rebels or the IMI, players will engage in tactical and intense combat to secure the resource.

Check it out on Kickstarter.