Marvel’s Avengers War for Wakanda DLC Releases August 17, Free Weekend Begins Today

Earlier this month, Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge revealed that he will be portraying the newest addition to the Marvel’s Avengers roster, King T’Challa, better known as Black Panther, in the upcoming War for Wakanda DLC.

At the time, fans knew that the expansion would be arriving sometime next month, but there was still no specific release date. Now, Crystal Dynamics has finally confirmed that the War for Wakanda DLC will release on August 17, and brings with it two new villains, the Birnin Zana outpost and various new enemies and mission types. A War Table livestream will take place the day prior on August 16 at 10 AM PT to provide more details, but players eager to check out Marvel’s Avengers for the first time can do so through the free all-access weekend, which begins today and runs until August 1 on PS5, PC and PS4. Progress will carry over for players who decide to purchase the game, which will be available for 40% off, and the weekend will also offer several limited-time bonuses for new and returning players, including a 400% bonus to XP and a 50% off sale in the in-game Marketplace. Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One owners will receive a similar all-access weekend in the near future.

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