Mass Effect: Andromeda Only Manages Third-Best First Week Sales for Series

While Bioware & EA’s latest entry in the sci-fi RPG has made easy work of its competition to claim top spot in the UK charts, Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s number one position is not without its less-than-positive statistics so far as the series goes. Andromeda could not beat out the first week sales of the previous title, 2012’s Mass Effect 3, of which currently holds the highest figures for the series. But even if EA can claim the game’s standing as the year’s current third-best launch for any game — behind Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands and developer Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn —  it goes without saying that this particular mixed news does little to hide the wide-spread criticism and issues the game has been noted for, before and during the game’s release period.

What’s more interesting is that while console iterations obviously beat copies sold on PC by a percentage split of 96:4 — Andromeda fairing better on PS4 than Xbox One with 55% of all sales being on Sony’s platform — the total amount of PC copies is down even from that of Mass Effect 3’s total count which managed to stake a total of 10% copies being sold for PC. Though the figures provided by GFK Chart-Track do not take into account digital copies sold via EA Origin or either Sony or Microsoft’s own online stores. You can read up on our official review of the game here and also check out just one example of (if you haven’t seen it already) what all the fuss has been over regarding the game’s “questionable” visuals/animation.