Massive Free Update Hits RetroMania Wrestling on Steam

RetroMania Wrestling has been out for a little over a year now and has had its DLC hyped up for almost two years. The first roster member for DLC was announced as Chris Bey and in the time since, he has shined brightly in Impact as a member of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Bullet Club. Today, he has finally been released in the game as free DLC alongside a slew of extra content.

Beyond the Impact Wrestling star being brought into the fray, three new arenas have been added to the game alongside a retro ’80s font for entrances. New gear has been added too, so Matt Cardona has his NWA World Champion robe. Moves done to the apron can now send a foe to the floor and several moves can send opponents either to the floor or into the cage while others allow you to throw foes from the floor to the ring. It’s this kind of attention to detail that has been missing from many games across the board and it makes sense to have it featured in a faster-paced game like this.

Fatigue has been factored in so partners with 10% or less stamina can’t make a save and title-winning cutscenes now play in exhibition matches – adding a sense of importance to every match you play in. New scalers and shaders have been added to provide things like filters or a CRT-style look. Two out of three falls matches are available for single and tag matches and make for a great way to learn a character quickly within a single match. This is a fairly massive update and it’s available now for the Steam version and will be released on the console and iiRcade versions soon.

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