Max Payne 3 Gets Small Delay Just Because

If you’re a devoted PC gamer, you’ve no doubt been annoyed by everyone talking about how great Max Payne 3 is the past week. While everyone is raving how much better it is the second┬átime, you’re still playing Max Payne 2 like a fool. Unfortunately, your wait just got extended as Rockstar has announced they are pushing the game back three days to June 1st.

According to Rockstar’s VP of Publishing, Jennifer Kolbe,

“Our community has always preferred a single worldwide launch date, and while we couldn’t make it happen for the console versions, we decided to work toward a global release for Max Payne 3 on PC. Due to production and logistical issues we could not bring the European launch forward, so we worked with US retail to align with the original European launch window and set a new global release date of June 1.”

And here you thought publishers didn’t love PC gamers.