Mega Man 11 to Get a Physical Release

The reveal of Mega Man 11 earlier this week still has a lot of us shocked, mainly due to a lot of us having believed that Capcom actually gave up on arguably its biggest franchise for the longest time. So now the Blue Bomber does indeed have his eleventh side-scrolling game due out next year, but is Capcom truly devoted to making Mega Man 11 a success, even with the game being one of the year’s most surprising and biggest reveals? The news that the game will be receiving a full physical release alongside a digital one suggests so.

Confirmed during a podcast with Game Informer, this isn’t exactly a big shocker, given the physical releases for peers such as Shovel Knight and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, but it’s still a welcome gesture that shows Capcom still has faith in a series that many gamers hold near and dear to their hearts. Details concerning the full extent of the physical release for Mega Man 11 or its price have yet to be revealed, but we’ll naturally learn more between now and the game’s planned Fall 2018 release, so stay tuned.