‘Megaroguelike’ 30XX Enters Early Access Next Month

Developer Batterystaple Games’ follow-up to their 2017 cross between the aesthetics of Megaman and a roguelike structure in 20XX, will enter Early Access starting next month. Having released a public demo last year during the Steam Summer Game Festival, 30XX will be made available for purchase, on February 17. While it may not be the final 1.0 build of the game, players will gain access to three modes in 30XX. Alongside the run-based Arcade Mode and permadeath-free campaign via Mega Mode, Maker Mode — as its name implies — serves as the game’s community-based level creator. Using the same tools, it’s claimed, Batterystaple have implemented for the game itself.

The Early Access build of 30XX comes with six themed worlds. It’s unclear yet how long Batterystaple intend to keep the game in Early Access prior to an official 1.0 build for release. Much like its predecessor though, from what we’ve seen and played of it, the peculiar mix of Megaman-like premise and roguelike structure is addictive enough to want to push aside the inevitable deaths that ensue.