Men Impersonate Cops To Cut Line For GTAV, Immediately Increase Their Wanted Level

Initially reported by Staten Island Live, three men are facing up to a year in jail after their insane scheme to get their hands on some copies of GTA V was foiled. The trio of criminal masterminds showed up to a GameStop in the Staten Island Mall during the midnight release of GTA V dressed as cops, and surprisingly things did not end well for them. One of the three was an actual auxiliary NYPD police officer and another had a fake badge on him. The third was the son of a retired NYPD cop and had his father’s shield tattooed on his arm, which was apparently enough to fool everyone at the mall because they assumed nobody would be stupid enough to impersonate a cop to buy a game that was already legal to purchase anyway. They even showed up in a car that had the full lights and sirens package of normal police cars, and after moving their way to the front of the line they bought their games and left.

Their master plan is admittedly very complex, so lets try and break it down so it makes sense to everyone.

Step 1: Buy “exact replica of undercover police car” at a police auction.

Step 2: Impersonate police officers.

Step 3: Play GTA V.

I feel like I’m still missing a step here. Oh wait, here it is.

Step 2.5: Sustain massive head injury and leave it untreated.

Otherwise I don’t see why steps 1 and 2 were even necessary to get to step 3. What was with the Ocean’s 11 type scam to get a game that nearly everyone else was already getting? They didn’t even steal it. They just cosplayed as cops to cut in line. How bad are the lines out in Staten Island that three different people got together and thought this was a good idea?

The craziest thing is that this idea almost worked. They did cut to the front of the line and were allowed to pay before the other customers. The staff even brought them coffee for providing extra security. Unfortunately, when they were leaving their master plan fell apart when they performed an illegal u-turn in front of a real undercover cop. That action put their wanted level at two stars and learning nothing from the game they bought, they reluctantly pulled over and are now all facing up to a year in jail for second degree criminal impersonation. It is a shame they didn’t pull the same sort of stunt for Saints Row IV, as I would have loved to hear about the story where three men in hot dog costumes dubsteped their way into a GameStop and flew off with three copies.