Mercenary Kings to Get Physical Strategy Guide

Unlike the days of Prima and Brady guides littering the walls of GameStops, not every game gets the guide treatment these days. That’s what makes upcoming indie, digital-only game, Mercenary Kings, an interesting choice for a physical one. Off Base Productions, a creative agency who has designed numerous manuals, box arts, digital guides and more is setting out to self-publish their own curated series of premium strategy guides for creative independent games, starting with Mercenary Kings. The aim of the project is to recapture the glory days of guides, before Wikipedia and YouTube existed, giving players access to a physical companion to their game complete with special art and other goodies. The team has taken influence from the 16-era Nintendo’s Players Choice strategy guides and will print the “Mercenary Kings Master Codex” on 200 8″ x 11″ full color pages.

The publisher has launched a Kickstarter to get it funded, with a lofty goal of $65,000. Those who back at $20 will receive a physical guide and digital guide, while those who pledge at $40 will get a limited edition variant with a different cover by Corey Lewis.

(Full Disclosure: Production Director Tim Lindquist is the former founder of DoubleJump Books (known for their Disgaea, Rogue Galaxy, Phantom Brave, etc guides), the former parent company of Hardcore Gamer Magazine. Lead Designer Bradly Hartel is a former editor for Hardcore Gamer.)