Mere Months After Release, Disintegration’s Multiplayer Servers Are Shutting Down

Developer V1 Interactive have today announced their plans to shutter the multiplayer component to their debut title, Disintegration, a mere three months after the game’s release in June of this year. Posting via the developer’s own blog, the news comes off the back of a mixed reception from critics — in which we ourselves weren’t afraid to express our immense disappointment both in and outside the multiplayer portion of the game.

“We have made the difficult decision to remove Disintegration’s multiplayer modes from the game across all platforms.” The developer writes. “This will be done in phases over the coming months, starting today with the removal of the in-game store, and will conclude on November 17th with the full removal of multiplayer…the game unfortunately struggled to build a significant audience necessary for a compelling multiplayer experience. After weighing options, we have collectively made the decision to sunset the multiplayer support.”

While Disintegration’s multiplayer showed some spots of promise during its pre-release multiplayer beta, the slew of conflicting design choices and general lack of excitement surrounding the core gameplay, raised immediate concern as to whether the game as a whole would manage to find some middle-ground in what was an ambitious attempt to fuse first-person shooting with overhead, real-time tactics. The resulting retail release unfortunately didn’t fair any better, especially in the multiplayer; our own review commenting on the difficulty of finding matches, on top of what was a relatively stale, seen-it-all-before formula that far from complimented the heart of the game that was its anti-grav combat. Disintegration is available across PS4, Xbox One & PC.