Metal Gear Online Info Coming Soon

According to Metal Gear Online’s twitter more news will be coming Monday.

For the past few weeks the only news about Hideo Kojima, Konami, and the Metal Gear series has been about the messy break-up that is the two parties.  So, as a break from all of that, it’s nice to get some news about the highly anticipated Metal Gear Online game coming soon.

The Metal Gear Online twitter account tweeted twice today that more info about the game will be coming this Monday, and that it won’t be “earth shattering but still interesting nonetheless.”

At this point any news is good news. It doesn’t sound like the game is being set up to be cancelled or making it out to sound like a routine announcement would be a bad idea. At least for now we have something Kojima related to look forward to this coming Monday and it doesn’t sound like Konami news will be a part of it. You can see the two tweets posted today.