Metal Wolf Chaos XD Gets Release Date Trailer for a Presidential Rampage

The United States of America has descended into civil war and the hope for freedom is all but lost.  The forces of tyranny are in full control, led by the man who used to be the Vice President.  Only one person has the ability to undo this hideous fate and save a country that used to stand for something from being just another failed dream of something better.  President Michael Wilson has the will, the strength, and the giant robot armor to take on military might of a United States that no longer stands for anything worth defending.

Metal Wolf Chaos was originally an Xbox game that was basically Otogi 3 except with a giant robot.  Arm the robot with the best weapons you can afford, kill everything, cause as much damage as possible to what were incredibly destructible environments back in the original Xbox days.  It’s pure action madness with a script to match, giant and bombastic and ridiculous, and also a cult classic due in no small part to never having gotten a US release.  A couple of years ago Devolver Digital got in touch with From Software to see about a remake, and everything has been quiet since then as everyone got to work on the update.  As of today, that update has a release date.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is coming out on August 6.  It features the same models and textures of the original but now they’re viewable up to 4K, complete with 16:9 support.  The gameplay has also gotten some updating, as has the save game system and control system.  Which is probably for the best, seeing as 2004 is a long time gone and many of the things we take for granted today were still being beaten into shape at the time.  Whatever updates may come we’ll get to see them in person on August 6, when President and Vice President go head to robo-head in an over the top mecha-brawl for the soul of the United States.  For now, though, take a look at the civil war carnage to come, complete with as much cheesy dialogue as a trailer can hold.