Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Brings Ray Tracing, 60FPS to Consoles Soon

4A games has released a ton of details for Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition. Be it on the next-gen consoles or PC, this updated version of the game is bringing massive improvements to the overall experience. Starting with the console versions, 4A announced that Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition will run at 4K and 60FPS on both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X systems. The next-gen console version will also feature Ray Traced Global Illumination and Ray Traced Emissive Lighting in the base game and all DLC add-ons.

Fans playing on the next-gen consoles will also enjoy reduced load times, 4K textures and platform-specific enhancements like haptic feedback on PlayStation 5 and spatial audio improvements on the Xbox Series X|S. Xbox Series S won’t be getting the 4K treatment, but 4A says that users will still enjoy the other features like 60FPS, reduced load times and the Xbox platform-specific features. The developer is also working on adding on implementing an FOV slider for all consoles. Also, all current owners of Metro Exodus will be getting these enhanced version free of charge.

The PC version is getting even more extensive changes. It’s a long list, so 4A put together a handy list for PC fans’ convenience. Metro Exodus was already a fantastic game, so Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition is certain to deliver a fantastic time to those who’ve managed to get their hands on next-gen hardware.

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