Micro Pico Racers Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Micro Pico Racers went up for pre-order and pre-load a few weeks back and instantly seemed like a must-buy due to its unique art style and premise. The pixel art style is a high-res 8-bit style and you have a mix of racing, time attack, drifting, and destruction-based races to keep things interesting. The quick nature of the races also makes it perfect for an arcade-style quick play or you can spend a good amount of time with it in a single play session.

The overhead viewpoint normally featured in this kind of game can be switched out for close-up views or even cooler and my favorite, an overhead pseudo-helicopter view that shows off the cars and the environment in great detail. Other than some typos in the menus, it’s a great experience and a fun time. Micro Pico Racers is available now on the eShop and is a tremendous pickup for anyone seeking a new, bite-sized racing game.