Microsoft Introduces the Tech Series of Xbox One Controllers

Microsoft are introducing a new line of Xbox One Controllers, the Tech Series.

The Tech Series of controllers will make their debut April 25 for $69.99. The first of the series will be the Recon Tech Special Edition. In designing this new line of controllers, the team at Xbox looked at military technology and performance patterns. This resulted in a premium finishes like a laser-etched texture and gold accents on the front of the controller. On the back of the controller is a textured diamond rubberized grip to make holding the controller easier and more comfortable. Like all Xbox One Controllers, the Tech Series will be usable on Xbox One, Windows 10 devices, and Samsung Gear VR.

Microsoft is also introducing Copilot, a new console feature that allows any two Xbox One Controllers to act like if they were one. With Copilot enabled, parents will be able to help their kids, or an experienced friend can help a novice navigate a touch challenge. The feature will open up new ways for people to play together, and will be available through the Creators Update later in 2017.