Microsoft Reconfirms Commitment to PC, Details Halo Infinite PC Features

Microsoft today reconfirmed their commitment to the PC platform for 2021 and beyond.

Microsoft’s attitude towards PC gaming has shifted drastically over the past couple of years. PC gaming has become fully integrated in their ‘player first’ mantra. There are no more Xbox exclusives. All titles Microsoft’s Xbox teams develop will appear on both Xbox and PC. A significant number of those titles can be purchased through Steam, players on Xbox Game Pass for PC, or streamed to a mobile device. There are even games developed exclusively for PC, including Age of Empires IV later this year.

However, no game will be more symbolic of Microsoft’s current stance than its most important title of 2021, Halo Infinite. The game, which will launch simultaneously on PC and console, supports multiplayer cross-play and cross-progression. 343 Industries has also worked closely with the PC community to ensure a top-notch PC experience. That includes support for ultrawide and super ultrawide screens, triple keybinds, lots of advanced graphics options, and much more.

Halo Infinite is scheduled for release holiday 2021.