Microtransactions Invade Battlefield V on April 4

DICE today confirmed that microtransactions are coming to Battlefield V on Thursday, June 4.

Battlefield V’s long-delayed microtransactions have finally arriving. As of tomorrow, Battlefield V will feature two different in-game currencies; Company Coin and Battlefield Currency. Players earn Company Coin by leveling up and completing challenges in the game. Battlefield Currency, however, is purchased with real-world money. While DICE stresses that you can’t use the currency to earn gameplay advantages, it’s clear there’s content players can’t get without paying.

Battlefield Currency can be used to acquire cosmetics, elite sets, and time savers. The sets and time savers won’t be available until a later date. In terms of cosmetics, players can purchase all the current items already available in the Armory. Starting April 4, new Epic items will start appearing in the Armory. It us unknown if these items are obtainable with Company Coin.

Elite sets allow players to play as distinct soldiers in multiplayer and Firestorm. They come equipped with their own cosmetics, voices, backgrounds, and special assignments that unlock signature melee weapons. DICE did not say whether players can earn elite sets with Company Coin. Finally, there are time savers. These allow you to earn all the items in the Chapter Rewards, or boost XP gains.

Battlefield V’s microtransactions come at a bad time for a game that has struggled to please players. Launching with the lowest amount of content ever for a Battlefield game, DICE has spent the past few months slowly adding in missing features, including co-op and battle royale. While the game is no doubt better today than it was at launch, it’s disappointing to see DICE spend time adding in microtransactions rather than building content to improve their game.

Battlefield V is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.