Milestone Reignites SBK Franchise After Ten Years

Today, Milestone has announced another motorbike game to add to its arsenal, but this involves the return of a series from the past. SBK 22 will be the first official video game of the World Superbike Championship to release in ten years. It launches on September 15 on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. It will include Smart Delivery to upgrade from the previous generation version to the current generation. The game will offer the current season of riders, bike manufacturers and circuits for the World Superbike Championship. Players can expect a perfect replica of the current season along with a career mode that boasts a development tree. The A.N.N.A. neural AI will be appearing in the game, as well. Along with an editing system for a Fiction Team that allows players to create stickers, helmets and patches, players can also expect 12-player online multiplayer racing. Check out the announce trailer below.