Min Min from ARMS Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, New Mii Fighter Costumes Added

The first challenger from the next round of DLC fighter’s pass has been revealed as Min Min from the ARMS series. In ARMS she uses her ramen noodle-like limbs to knock out opponents but in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, she’ll have even more ways of pulling out a victory.

Masahiro Sakurai detailed her abilities in Smash with gameplay footage. Min Min will be able to rotate through three different Arms during fights, each one with their pros and cons. She is better equipped for long-range attacks and easily be countered when confronted up close or in the air. On a related note, she can overtake bigger opponents but struggles against lighter ones. Some of her other moves are kick-based which is more than seen in ARMS. Of course she stretches out those long arms for grabs and throws which makes sense. Using a Final Smash brings other ARMS characters together in a cutscene to pummel the target before her Dragon delivers a devastating blow.

Additionally, Spring Stadium adds a new stage for fights. It features pads on either side that will launch users into the air, jumping at the same time lets you go even higher. If you gain the boost and make contact with an enemy, they will receive damage. A number of soundtrack selections from ARMS is also included. Overhead drones will carry items if the option is turned on.

There are a few new Mii Fighter costumes coming as well. Ninjara from ARMS is a brawler, Splatoon’s Callie is a brawler while Marie is a gunner, Heihachi from Tekken is a brawler and Fallout’s Vault Boy joins as a gunner. Some upgraded features to the Spirit Board mode take place when certain Mii Fighter costumes are purchased. A rematch feature in Spirits is also added which makes trying to locate all those challenges even easier.

The last bit of news comes with amiibo and the DLC characters. Persona’s Joker amiibo was revealed and will be available this fall. Dragon Quest’s Hero was also shown and will release around the same timeframe. More fighter’s amiibo figures are planned. Squeezing in an interesting tidbit, Sakurai stated Final Smash attacks were originally going to appear in the N64 debut but were scrapped, but could you imagine?

Min Min joins the game on June 30. Watch her moves in the detailed video below along with the rest of today’s announcements.