Minecraft Gets Yet Another Skin Pack, This One Guardians of the Galaxy Themed

At some point, Minecraft is simply going to run out of things to make skin packs out of. Don’t walk by their offices if you don’t want your likeness used, because I am positive we are about two weeks away from seeing an announcement for “hey, we saw these people from our window today” skin pack for $1.99. I don’t know why people are still buying these, but with the rate they are cranking them out someone has to be purchasing these in bulk. We just received yet another announcement for a Minecraft skin pack, and over at playXBLA they are confirming the game will be getting a Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy skin pack featuring 24 different skins. This is great news for fans of the film and comics, and terrible news for fans of the similarly named movie Rise of the Guardians featuring Russian Santa Claus and Australian Easter Bunny. Although, stay tuned if you’re one of the three people that liked that movie. I’m sure a “terrible kid’s movie” skin pack is on the way as well